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Plastic Injection Molding Training,
Work with an Injection Molding Consultant You Can Trust!

Molded Cables, Insert Molding & Strain Relief – Training for Companies that Don't Do Molding

We offer plastic injection molding training and rubber injection molding training for molded cables, insert molding and strain reliefs. With our experience, we can be a valuable injection molding consultant for connectivity products, embedded electronics and devices, and wire management products.

The services range from training our customers in doing their own molding to complete turnkey projects. On-site injection molding training is available to assist in the development of in-house capabilities. Each injection molding training plan is tailored to your company's business goals, budgets and time constraints.

Our injection molding training courses and programs include:

     Injection Molding Machine Maintenance
     Basic Molding Machine Operations
     Practical Injection Molding
     Injection Molding for Custom Cables
     Cable Strain Relief Applications
     Embedded Electronics and Devices
     Flex Relief Molding
     Injection Mold Tooling
     Efficient Mold Setting
     Understanding Materials for Profitable Molding
     Statistical Process Control for Injection Molding
     Plastic Drying Training

Producing consistent, high quality over molded cables depends on the actual process set-up and ability to troubleshoot the process quickly. Thus, from the standpoint of maintaining the best possible production quality there is really "only one correct set-up per machine/tool/material". Our injection molding training is focused on delivering that top injection molding quality again and again.

Through out On-site training, available to assist in the development of your own in-house molding capabilities, as well as through our flexible and advanced manufacturing, we can truly become your expert over molding partner in any of the following areas:

Molding Connectors, from A to Z , working with customer supplied material.

Molding custom strain relief sections on to a customers cable assembly

Complete Manufacturing of custom molded cables and harnesses: We are the industry leader in quick turn-around, low volume, and high mix cable production.

Providing standard strain relief products , in over 1,500,000 off-the-shelf configurations and at no design and tooling cost to the customer.

Providing custom strain relief products to complete customer specifications.

Designing and fabricating injection mold tooling , both standard and custom. Over 2,500 over-mold tool designs, involving over 200 types of connectors, are already in our portfolio.

Molding Embedded Circuitry is our specialty. We are the industry leader in manufacturing embedded circuitry cables and over-molded SMT/ML PCB's, switches and sensors.

Our Advantage

Our combination of design, engineering support, consistent and guaranteed quality, competitive price, and on-time delivery, makes us a very desirable over molding partner for our clients. Add our flexible and in-depth injection molding training for our customers, and you have a complete answer to all your injection molding requirements.

For Rubber and Plastic Injection Molding Training at its Best

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