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Quality Assurance for Custom Cables & Insert Molding

Our company has high standards of quality assurance for custom cables & insert molding. We employ the newest materials and technologies, for various types of strain relief, operational conditions, and environmental conditions.

Our goal is 100% conformance to customer specifications and 100% customer satisfaction. We know our success is based upon building relationships, and we are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty. We hold ourselves to an ever-increasing standard of excellence in everything we do.

All custom cables and mold inserts manufactured by us are 100% tested to your specifications. Among the elements of our quality program are:

     Electronic / Computer Testing
    Custom Bananna Jack TN Visual Inspection
     Documented QA Policies @ Procedures
     Date Code and Lot Number Protection
     First Article Record
     Revision Compliance
     Certificate of Compliance
     Vendor Selection and Qualification
     Incoming Parts Verification and Inspection

Custom Cables for Communication & Computer Markets

Medical Cables, Cable Harnesses, & Unique & Specialty Cables

Insert Molding, such as Electronic Mold Inserts, Medical Devices, PCBs, Switches & Sensors

Custom Cables with Printed Circuit Board Connectors

Custom Cables with Industrial & Mil Spec Connectors

Custom Cables for Networking and Telephony

Custom Cables for Coaxial Applications

Custom Cables with Power Connectors

Custom cables for Audio Applications

Quality Infrastructure

Many companies claim to provide superior Quality Assurance and Customer Service. . However few of them can demonstrate they have implemented the internal infrastructure and systems to support this.

We are proud to have developed and implemented a formal Quality Assurance infrastructure. It consists of procedures and work instructions that document every aspect of its day to day operations. Each document has been reviewed and approved by executive management. Training is regularly conducted to ensure that everyone clearly understands the process and procedures.

Off-theShelf Strain Relief & Cable Grommets, 3D Software Tools for Custom Configurations, Fast Delivery


All quality records associated with each procedure have been converted to a paper-less, company wide on-line database. We have also implemented advanced work-flow strategies that allow quality records to be quickly and effectively completed and reviewed.

Because the Quality Assurance and Customer Service infrastructure we developed is so unique, we believe it is important our customers, and potential customers, understand what we have accomplished… towards the ultimate goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

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